Monday, April 1, 2013



Teardrops of Growth

April is soaking the world
with her spring tears.
They patter softly on the roof, 
clinging to the silent windows.
Gently they fall into soil
diligently turned 
and ready for watering.

A touch of sorrow and joy
mingle in the wet spring air. 
One part longs for sunshine,
the other accepts the patter
of April's mournful tears,

knowing this is what opens
hard shells of waiting seeds
and urges them to grow.

A patch of waiting soil in me
has also been turned over.
It, too, fights April teardrops
but knows it needs them

So much in me has yet
to accept
the waters of discomfort 
and disconnect
that come without a beckoning,
urging me insistently to open up
and grow.

So much in me has yet 
to be nurtured, broken open
and set free.

by Joyce Rupp

This poem resonated with me when I first read it. It reminds me that cleansing tears of rain not only encourage growth of the world around us but can also foster development of an internal and personal nature. This is so clearly demonstrated in springtime. Spring is a time for reawakening and growth; a time to shed the inactivity and inward contemplation of winter in exchange for the rising upward movement of energy and life. It is a celebration that we have survived icy desperation and as a reward, the world around us will grow and support life once again. 

Spring is also a transitional time for our bodies. The renewed light helps our metabolism to reawaken, but it is important that we provide the proper nutrition and healing to our system so that we can remain balanced in this time of change. Over the next few weeks, I would like to address issues associated with spring; including ways to detoxify for spring, green smoothies for the green season, ways to stop spring allergies and more. Follow the Verbal Herbal so your health can blossom with the flowers of spring!



Rupp, J., & Wiederkehr, M. (2005). The circle of life: the heart's journey through the seasons. Notre Dame, Ind.: Sorin Books.

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