Friday, June 8, 2012

Daily Herb-o-Scope - Find the Fire and Inspire

          It is an indescribable feeling when you do something that truly satisfies you soul. It's not always easy to find the inspiration to make a difference even if it's in your own life. Today, try to step outside of your comfortable box and do something different, something inspiring.

          I'll admit that I have wanted to start writing a blog for over a year. I kept making excuses as to why I couldn't start and when it came down to it, I was flat out scared. Scared to say something stupid, scared to offend someone and just scared of exposing myself to the world. Then I had a moment of clarity: I can only be me. I realized that I can only speak my truth, how other people interprite it is up to them. I feel so fulfilled since I became inspired and started speaking my truth. People in 5 different countries have already read what I have to say and the feeling is so empowering. In the end I think we all just want to to find our voice and we all just want to be heard.

          So my advice is to do something that you feel is worth while. Volunteer, take a class, do that thing that you have always wanted to do but always made excuses as to why you shouldn't. Life is limitless and when you love who you are and you love what you do, what else matters?


  1. Thanks Kacie I really enjoyed this one. I also have been making excuses as to why not start my passion and I"m finally at the teetering point. Keep doing what you love doing!

  2. Kacie you truely are a inspiration to us all:)